It’s 1966 and the young ones are railing against the stifling, hypocritical values of the times.

With two years teacher training under her belt, Ellen Rose McTavish is sent to Ngarimu Valley School as a Probationary Assistant.

In the isolated farming community, her vulnerability draws in a strong support network, but not everyone is supportive and nothing in the Valley is quite the way it seems.

Devastated by emotional conflict, Ellie contemplates abandoning her teaching career.  In a risky liaison, she finds the strength to carry on, oblivious to the impact her year in The Valley will have on the rest of her life.

‘To be creative, you have to do something.’ – Ken Robinson


The way we were:

Remembered history as a fictional setting involves a certain amount of research and a lot of remembering, but memory is so subjective. Many questions came to light as I drew on memory – my own and others – to reconstruct the world of the sixties. Some were deep and meaningful, like how does our identity influence what we perceive and remember, and others more mundane, like what did people eat and drink in the sixties…

If you happen to remember things differently, that’s to be expected. Who we are and what we’ve experienced determine how we perceive and what we remember.



                               —fraser rd school>